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Great ! - You're into Extreme Programming. You've written the tests ( JUnit of course). You've done the most simple thing that could possibly work. You've even shared your keyboard with a colleague. But have you done enough?

'Test everything that could possibly break' is the motto. But how good are the tests you've written? Are they missing any part of your code? Are you testing too much? Is something being tested only via 5 or 6 nested calls?

NoUnit answers these questions by giving you a simple picture of your code. Like a Graph , NoUnit shows you a picture of your code , and reveals how good your JUnit tests are.


  • Gives you clear pictures of your code and tests (Green is good , Red is bad!).

  • Is a 100% Java and XML solution , freely available under the GNU License.

  • Can be extended to show any code pictures you want (Any view of your code , not just JUnit tests!)

  • Reports can be understood by anybody , including non-techies :-)

Want to know more? Click here to find out about using and extending NoUnit, frequently asked questions and Helping Extend NoUnit.
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