net.firstpartners.nounit.reader.bytecode Reads in information from the Java ByteCode.
net.firstpartners.nounit.reader.bytecode.test Test Classes Transforms XML into the required reports , using JDOM & XSLT Process (and Change) the XML before the XSLT stylesheet is applied to it. Test Classes for parent package
net.firstpartners.nounit.snippet Snippets Represent pieces of Java code.
net.firstpartners.nounit.snippet.test Test Classes
net.firstpartners.nounit.snippet.xml Output of Information in XML format
net.firstpartners.nounit.test System Test Classes and Data
net.firstpartners.nounit.ui.command Command line user interface.
net.firstpartners.nounit.ui.command.test Test Classes
net.firstpartners.nounit.ui.common Elements common to all user interfaces.
net.firstpartners.nounit.ui.test Test Classes
net.firstpartners.nounit.utility.test Test Classes